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Stamped concrete flooring, also known as patterned concrete flooring, is a sort of flooring where the concrete is readily and inexpensively made to seem like a large variety of appealing materials, such as flagstone, wood, or cobblestone, to mention just a few options. Have a look at the prospect of enhancing your façade using stamped concrete. On fresh concrete surfaces and some concrete overlays, stamping is a decorative technique. Usually, the goal is to change the appearance of concrete so that it resembles natural stone, tile, brick, cobbles, or even hardwood planks rather than concrete itself. A rubber-like stamp or mould is typically used to stamp concrete that has been poured and smoothed out.

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Professional Approach 

Our team is well trained on handling the machines and instruments. Discussions & communications we have is done with utmost respect with valuing each and every input from client.


A systematic process in our work prevents oversights, which makes compliance more accurate. It will also prevent the repetition of work and reduce effort, time and costs thus making compliance management more efficient as well.

Timely Finish

With years of experience, strong system and with customer-centric team of BPTians we finish the projects well within the time frame.

Pre & Post Reports

We always inspect the site and form a pre report & when work is completed we perform a final Post project report and hand the complete project report to our clients for future reference.

“We've choosing BPT Waterproofing for over 10 years now and I can honestly say they are the best in the business. The workmanship is of the highest quality and I have never had a single issue with water leakage in any of our projects even after all these years! The team is always reliable, professional, and friendly too. Highly recommend BPT if you're looking for complete waterproofing solutions.” 

Mr. Varun, JMD of a renowned Builder Company

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