Granite floorings

Granite floor tiles are a form of strong, durable natural stone and – when looked after properly – granite is a very practical and stylish floor covering. Not only do granite tiles offer great functionality, they can add significant value to your home.

Durability is one of the most attractive aspects of granite. Homeowners who expect significant foot traffic in certain spaces will do well to install granite flooring. As long as you use the right granite sealer and cleaner, your granite tiles can last for decades. A properly sealed granite is very resistant to moisture and can be used with little worry in kitchens or bathrooms. It is also resistant to stains, like those from acidic foods, which is what makes it so ideal as a material for countertops.

Granite tile is made by processing igneous (volcanic) rock until it has smooth surfaces. The smoothing process can also bring out hidden beauty in the rock. Beauty is just one of the benefits that you can get from granite flooring tiles, though.

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