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Solvent free Epoxy/PU floorings

vaporless epoxy The workhorse of the flooring industry may be said to be flooring and coatings. These goods, which are widely utilised in a variety of sectors including pharma, auto, light engineering, FMCG, and others, are made with solvent-free (also known as solventless) epoxy/PU technology and comply with VOC regulations. They give the surfaces they are coated with a shiny, sanitary, dust-free protection. They provide highly hygienic, abrasion-resistant flooring that is impermeable, chemical resistant, and durable.

Water-borne Epoxy/
PU Concrete floorings

Waterborne epoxy/PU concrete floorings offer a matt finish in contrast to solvent-free solutions and are unaffected by moisture in the concrete floor's subsurface. Thus, these solutions are suited for use as standalone floor toppings that can tolerate steam cleaning as well as moisture-barrier underlays that can withstand heavy impact and abrasion. Warehouses, loading docks, water wash areas, moist places, the food industry, and heavy engineering sectors are just a few examples of the application areas.

ESD floorings

We are ESD Flooring suppliers, service providers, and manufacturers in Mumbai, India. It is used to guard against static electricity-related harm to electronics or other things. ESD floors use conductive materials built into the flooring to reduce the resistance of the floor. Designers have always been concerned about the static charge that builds up in the body when moving across an insulated floor, especially if the facility uses chemicals that could explode or sensitive electronic equipment. As a result, it becomes crucial to prevent static electricity from building up, and ESD floorings offer the best protection by offering conductive and dissipative qualities in addition to seamless, jointless, chemically resistant floorings. Electronics, ammunition manufacturers, solvent-handling facilities, operating rooms, and more are just a few places where ESD flooring is used.

Chemical resistant epoxy/PU coatings

Epoxy/PU coatings on concrete surfaces in industrial process environments need to be able to withstand not just the chemicals they will be exposed to, but also abrasion, erosion, physical wear, and hot or cold temperatures (or both). In order to choose the right coating and assess concrete's resistance to deterioration, it is essential to comprehend and define the real exposure conditions, including the chemical kind and concentration, Temperature, exposure type (dry or wet), and duration. Depending on the dosage and exposure, Neocrete offers a variety of compounds to shield steel or concrete from various chemicals. Epoxy coatings are always overcoated with aliphatic PU coatings for exterior applications.

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A systematic process in our work prevents oversights, which makes compliance more accurate. It will also prevent the repetition of work and reduce effort, time and costs thus making compliance management more efficient as well.

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We always inspect the site and form a pre report & when work is completed we perform a final Post project report and hand the complete project report to our clients for future reference.

“We've choosing BPT Waterproofing for over 10 years now and I can honestly say they are the best in the business. The workmanship is of the highest quality and I have never had a single issue with water leakage in any of our projects even after all these years! The team is always reliable, professional, and friendly too. Highly recommend BPT if you're looking for complete waterproofing solutions.” 

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