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Shingles are just little pieces of construction material that are affixed over the underlayment, sheathing, and trusses of a roof to enhance the appearance and safeguard your home from the weather. You’ll find they come in a wide variety of materials, each with unique benefits and drawbacks.Roof shingles are a roof covering consisting of individual overlapping elements. The roof rafters support shingles, which can be made of a variety of materials including wood, slate, flagstone, metal, plastic, and composites consisting of fibre cement and asphalt. The physical properties and advantages of the material are provided by a well-designed structure. Basalt that has been hydrophobized in the upper layer produces material that is resistant to mechanical and solar impacts. The brilliant iridescence of coloured basalt particles is displayed in a range of tones and gives roofing shingles a lovely appearance. High-quality bituminous compound is applied in two layers to give the material remarkable flexibility while also providing waterproofing and heat resistance. Shingles are given tensile strength via fibreglass reinforcement. A lower layer of protection prevents the shingles in the package from adhering to one another.


Roofing shingles are the construction material for residential roofing application that is used on roof slopes of 12° or greater. It is the smartest choice for complex or intricate roof design. Bitumen shingles do not fade; they are resistant to hazardous environmental impacts, decay, corrosion, fire damage, and, what is extremely essential, they work well in harsh temperatures. Roofing shingles from BPT Company are offered in a wide choice of innovative patterns and attractive hues.



a dependable residential roofing option that beautifully accents your home's architectural design. The time it takes to install a roof is greatly reduced because there is no need to align the pattern between the shingles, and there is also no leftover waste. Laminated roofing shingles are incredibly durable; it is nearly impossible to pierce, puncture, or otherwise harm the multilayer roofing material. Some cut patterns are created to resemble handcrafted, organic tiles like slate or wooden shakes. When it comes to roofing, architectural multilayer shingles are a great option for individuals who prioritise comfort and security.


The best adherence to the roof surface is provided by BPT's classic bitumen shingles, which have a self-adhesive layer on the underside. The CLASSIC AR series is offered in a variety of stylish colours and pattern variations. Shingles are consistently shielded from algae growth by granules that contain copper. The TROPIC APP collection was built especially for usage in India, where torching is the preferred technique of installation. With a foundation of APP modified bitumen composition, roofing shingles have extraordinary mechanical qualities and are heat resistant above 150°C.

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Our team is well trained on handling the machines and instruments. Discussions & communications we have is done with utmost respect with valuing each and every input from client.


A systematic process in our work prevents oversights, which makes compliance more accurate. It will also prevent the repetition of work and reduce effort, time and costs thus making compliance management more efficient as well.

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With years of experience, strong system and with customer-centric team of BPTians we finish the projects well within the time frame.

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We always inspect the site and form a pre report & when work is completed we perform a final Post project report and hand the complete project report to our clients for future reference.

“We've choosing BPT Waterproofing for over 10 years now and I can honestly say they are the best in the business. The workmanship is of the highest quality and I have never had a single issue with water leakage in any of our projects even after all these years! The team is always reliable, professional, and friendly too. Highly recommend BPT if you're looking for complete waterproofing solutions.” 

Mr. Varun, JMD of a renowned Builder Company

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