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We believe that an exterior paint should make any structure look and feel great but at the same time also needs to protect the exterior surface from the elements. We have therefore designed our range of Smart Exterior Quartz Paint to be virtually perfect, durable and water repellent while taking special care to ensure your structure will always look stunning. Each Smart Exterior Quartz Paint is formulated with the purpose of waterproofing any building surface, protecting it from multiple problems that arise due to moisture absorption.

Mr. Perfect


I’m Mr Perfect, the perfect choice for your exterior painting needs. Why am I perfect?
That’s because I’m infused with the best combination of Smart technologies that lets me protect and keep your exterior looking beautiful for life. When used in combination with my friends Mr. Protect Primer and Mr Finish Final Coating, my life is extended to well upto 12 years of protection, making me the perfect paint for the job.

Mr. Care


I’m Mr Care. I take care of your exterior painting needs better than most basic paint systems out there. I have just the right combination of Smart Technologies that best suits common areas, ducts and Atria. Owing to my qualities and to the Smart Technology, I take care of your walls for no less than 7 years.

Mr. Proofer


I’m Mr Proofer. As my name would suggest, my job is to make your roof waterproof. I’m the best choice to prepare your exteriors for the monsoon and beyond. You needn’t worry about rain, dampness or water damage with me on your side. 

Mr. Protect


I’m Mr Protect. As the name suggests, I’m the best when it comes to protecting your walls from the elements. I’m, in fact, like no other primer out there as I have an unmatchable assortment of Smart Technologies built into me to protect your walls for years to come. I’m best at making your wall water repellent while at the same time ensuring it can breathe like real skin.

Mr. Crackheal


I’m Mr. Crackheal. I can heal your infrastructure with my fibreglass technology with crack filling compound for exterior surfaces. Once you use me, you don’t have to worry about rain, extreme sunlight or water leakage with me on your side. 

Mr. Finish


I’m Mr Finish. They call me Mr Finish because I’m the best at finishing the job when it comes to coating your walls. With my finishing touch, I make sure your wall and its fresh new coating are water repellent and ready to face any kind of weather.


We feel that every wall can express emotion and nothing does that better than the right interior paint. Our range of Smart Interior Quartz Paint is designed to evoke emotion through rich earthen colours and a smooth matte finish. Our Smart Quartz Paints bring grandeur and elegance to your walls for a truly delightful interior design. Every Smart Interior Quartz Paint and Coatings are carefully crafted with a series of Smart features that give our Quartz Paints superior finish, stain resistance, gloss as well as matte finish and much more.

Mr. Grande


I’m Mr. Grande. I offer you the most luxurious paint finish for your interiors. There could be no better choice than me as I have the best combination of Smart Technologies to provide an exquisite finish for your walls like no other paint can.

Mr. Homeguard


I’m Mr. Homeguard, I can guard your home by improving the appearance with best opacity and whiteness. I am acrylic water based interior wall primer suitable for application on interior as under coat to interior acrylic putty, distemper and emulsion.

Mr. Super


I’m Mr. Super. They call me Mr.Super because I do a super job at producing the smoothest interior surface ready for you to prime and paint.

Mr. Smooth


I’m Mr. Smooth. I’m a White Cement Putty that’s perfect for preparing your interiors for a smooth paint job. With me, you can achieve a smooth surface finish for your interiors before you paint.


Smart Quartz-Shield

Quartz Paint technology forms a Quartz shield that develops a repellent nature for the surface of the substrate that does not allow water to get in to the wall itself as it’s rendered hydrophobic which leads to a waterproof surface.

Weather Protect

The Smart Quartz Paint technology protects your walls from all manner of weather, be it harsh sunlight in the heat of summer, to heavy rainfall at the height of monsoon and even snow in winter.


Anti-Mould Technology and Smart Hydrophobic Technology prevents mildews from growing in damp, humid, or moisy areas and creates a shield which avoids moisture penetration.

Smart Breathe

The Paint that breathes is a unique feature which allows existing moisture inside walls to escape in the form of vapor which in turn prevent the wall from degrading from the inside out.

Hydrophobic Technology

Quartz Our Smart Hydrophobic technology essentially extends the life of our paint and the wall to last a long by faithfully fighting against any form of water and moisture.


Fade Proof and Smart Cool technology does not allow excessive UV Radiation and weathering to cause chalking of the paint on the wall, which ultimately causes fading.


Hydrophobic technology and Smart Breathing feature avoids penetration of high levels of moisture in the wall, which can cause flaking, peeling or cracking of the walls in future.

Perfect Finish

Our paint is also formulated to form thick layers of coating which do not thin over time like conventional paints do in the market due to wear and tear, wind erosion and pollution. And thus our paint is not only smart but perfect finish.


Our Paint technology avoids dampness, growth of mould and algae, surfactant leaching, efflorescence and many other problems which can release weird odour in the environment. Thus our paints and coatings are odourless.


We developed this technology keeping in mind the convenience it would bring to you in terms of cleaning as each coating has an in-built self-cleaning property that’s committed to keeping your walls looking clean and dirt-free.

10 in One

Dilusion of smart coatings is ten is to one. When smartly mixed the proper amounts of product and filtered water it helps to achieve the perfect dilution ratio to make it great job.

Anti Efflorescence

Smart Quartz Shield and Smart Hydrophobic Technology stops the migration of lime water molecules (Ca(OH)2) which are the reason behind the formation of the crystalline deposits of soluble salts causing Efflorescence on the walls.

Smart WaterProof Shield

Our paint has a high beading effect in every weather, even extreme rainy conditions that lets water roll off the surface of the wall without allowing it to get absorbed beneath the surface.


Our smart paint has very flexible high-build coating designed to expand & contract, bridging hairline cracks in vertical surfaces. It has superior elasticity & elongation properties to resist cracking.

High Washability

Our Smart Clean technology has been formulated to produce a high beading effect that lets water trickle down so you can wash surface of the wall anytime to keep them clean and dirt free.

Scrub Resistant

Our paint has a high beading effect in every weather, even extreme rainy conditions that lets water roll off the surface of the wall without allowing it to get absorbed beneath the surface.

Stain Resistant

The Smart Clean technology of ours keeps the structure looking cleaner for longer and gives our coatings a significant advantage to keep any stains away.

Smart Clean

Smart Clean technology of ours keeps the structure looking cleaner for longer and gives our coatings a significant advantage over other textured coatings where dirt accumulation can be high and visually evident.

Anti Virus

Quartz Paint technology and Smart Hydrophobic technology stops any type of Viruses from sticking to the walls and thus the paint does not foster their growth.

Anti Bacteria

Anti Bacteria and Quartz Paint technology feature avoids the growth of any type of bacteria as penetration of high levels of moisture in the wall is not allowed.

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Our paint consists of low Volatile Organic Compounds which is eco-friendly and good for the health of people who reside inside the structure.

Why BPT for Painting?

Rusting Process Slows Down

Slower rusting and degradation to building structure

Saves Costs

Saves costs and better building life thus reduced maintainance.

All Weather Protection

Weather hot or cold, always shines and does its job.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot. Others transform a yellow spot into the sun. Reach out to us and allow us to transform your yellow spot to a sun!

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