SunBless, the innovative All-Weather Protection and Functional Coating An ideal solution for today’s Global Warming and Environmental Protection SunBless is specially developed as a universal all-pervading solution, to address multitude of issues and problems being faced today, by the industrial and corporate world, as well as the society at large.

Sun Bless which can be applied on ANY Surface.

Sun Bless gives unique advantages like:
  1. Thermo Insulation Effect - Cool in Summers & Warm in Winters
  2. Protection from Water Leakage & Seepage
  3. Protection from Salt - Water Corrosion
  4. Relief from Wall & Ceiling Mold
  5. Promotes Energy Savings
  6. Helps in Reduction of Global Warming
  7. Provides Dampening Effect - Helps reduces Roof- top noise during Heavy downpour
  8. Protects Building from Heating Effect
  9. Protection for Acidic Corrosion.
And all this in One Paint Solution!

Other Precedented USPs of SunBless:
  1. Sunbless has clocked Solar Reflective Index - SRI of 112. Global Products have SRI in the range of 92 - 102
  2. The Working Temp Range of Sun Bless is - 40 Degree C to + 140 Degree C (for Present Product introduced, upto 1000+ Degree C is being developed) Most of the other products work in the range of -15 Deg C to +95 Deg C.
  3. Salts Test - Certificate is for 1000 hrs as Labs in India have limitations to test beyond 1000 Hrs. In Japanese Private Labs - Sun Bless is tested for 3000 Hrs. Competitors do Salts Test between 300 - 500 Hrs.
  4. Once applied Sun Bless can withstand 150 Bars of Water Pressure - much Exceeding Pressures generated by Category 5 Hurricanes & Cyclones.

Reduces A-C Usage, Electrical Costs and Carbon Emission

Protects Assets

Improves Building and Infrastructure Life

Protects Assets

Protects the Buildings, City Infrastructures

Improves Building and Infrastructure Life

Saves the Environment & Costs

Durable Waterproofing Solution

Protection from Water Leakage and Seepage

Relief from Wall and Ceiling Mold

A unique Solution for All Infrastructure Related Problems of today’s Industrial and Corporate World

A unique innovative solution for wide-ranging infrastructure related problems, faced in industries and corporate world

Extreme climatic conditions, pollution and erratic weather changes are here to stay. Over the last few years we have all seen heavy rains pouring down any time of the year, and our cities having to fight against scorching summers and chilly winters. With so much of temperature fluctuations and harsh weather conditions, people are forced to confront with several issues throughout the year.

Exterior paint coatings are more prone to fading, peeling or chipping off, as a result of constant exposure to saltwater in cases of houses and buildings near the coastal areas, causing quick erosion and shortening of life span of the structures.

Study shows that salt, contained in the air from the ocean acts as a corrosion agent and affects homes, metals and infrastructure within 75 kms throughout the year by building minute salt crystal on walls and metals. There are no economical solutions to permanently fix these problems.

Why BPT for Protective coating & Painting?

Rusting Process Slows Down

Slower rusting and degradation to building structure

Saves Costs

Saves costs and better building life thus reduced maintainance.

All Weather Protection

Weather hot or cold, always shines and does its job.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot. Others transform a yellow spot into the sun. Reach out to us and allow us to transform your yellow spot to a sun!

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