V Fill

  • STRUCTURE – Steel Structure / PEB structure
  • EXTERNAL WALLS – Vinfill walls (88mm or 150mm). Optionally Vpanel walls- No direct loading on walls incase of warehouses and cold storages.
  • INTERNAL WALLS- Vpanel walls OR Vboard dry wall partitions to create office spaces, storerooms, QC rooms, Managers rooms etc.
  • FLOOR- For creating extra space for office or lightweight materials storage
  • ROOF- ATUM (Integrated Solar Roof Panels) and if required a Hybrid roof with ATUM & other roofing materials combination
  • FALSE CEILING- Optional- using Vboard in T Grid system
  • STORAGE RACKS & SHELVES- 18mm Vboard for storing of components, spares, etc.

Why BPT for V Fill?


V-fill is water, termite aand fire resistant solving most of your housing concerns.


Houses do not get affected by water dampening or seepage. It stands for durability in every aspect of construction.

Quick & Easy

A typical 2 BHK house with V-fill can be constructed in about 45 days from foundation to finish.

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