WPC panels

We are offering WPC Floor Decking, WPC Wall Cladding, Interior Products and Solutions, High Pressure Laminate, WPC Sunshade Louvers, PVC And WPC Board, WPC Pergola, WPC Fascia Strips, WPC Fluted Panels, False Ceiling, etc.

Founded on the same belief that connecting trade and sustainable practices transforms competitive landscapes compels us to change the way we think about products, technologies, processes and business models to meet emerging norms. Viewing stringent regulatory compliances as an opportunity for innovation rather than a cost makes our bid significant enough in the market.

Our planks are manufactured primarily from a blend of recycled organic [Wasted Wood fibres] and plastic materials [post commercial recycled HDPE-High Density Polyethylene].

The organic material in these boards is recycled and reclaimed wood; the polyethylene is principally recycled shrink wrap and grocery bags – all of which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Why BPT for WPC Panels?

All-weather Resistance

WPC board will serve equally well in any climate zone.

Mositure Proof

WPC pannels have high resistance against moisture.

Low Maintanance

Maintainance of our WPC products is less.

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