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Heat insulating coatings - Surfacool

SURFACOOL-0712 An advanced polymer based green, ZERO VOC, environment friendly product, SURFACOOL-0712 substantially reduces energy consumption and cost of cooling by reducing the heat load. Most coatings / paints labelled as ‘Environment friendly’ are Low VOC


  • Excellent Heat Insulation Properties – Temperature Gradient of 10oC to 14oC in Peak Summer
  • Resistance to Corrosion & UV Radiation – Sustained Outdoor Stability
  • Impermeability to Water Vapour
  • Long Lasting Waterproofing Effect
  • High Elongation – Absorbs Expansion & Contraction of Substrates
  • Anti-Static with Resistance to Algae & Fungi


  • Industrial Roofs / Roofing made of Metal & Asbestos Sheets
  • Concrete Slabs, Terraces & Exterior Walls of Residential structures, Commercial buildings, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals , Laboratories, Schools & Colleges etc
  • Exposed Instrument Boxes with Critical, Heat Sensitive Electronic Circuits like Signalling Boxes
  • Porta Cabins
  • Solar Hot Ater Storage Tanks & Pipelines


  • Saves Energy by Reducing Heat Load (Direct Energy Saving Up to 30% in Peak Summer)
  • Fire Resistant
  • Enhanced Efficiency of People & Machinery
  • ‘Self to Do’ Application
  • Zero VOC
  • Non Toxic
  • Prevents Blistering, Peeling & Cracking
  • Excellent Bonding with most Substrates
  • Protects Metallic Roofs from Corrosion and Enhances Life (Reduces Thermal Expansion & Contraction)
  • Makes Structure Water Tight- No Leakage during Rain from Concrete & Metallic Roofs / Walls
  • Enhances Aesthetic ( No Fungus & Moss Formation )
  • Sound Dampening
  • Cost Effective
  • High Breathability
  • Easy to Maintain
  • High Solar Reflective Index

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