BPT has considerable expertise and experience in the investigation, evaluation, analysis and repair design of structures. Our projects have ranged from the analysis of marquis monuments, to high-rise structures and historic landmark buildings. BPT Group’s work extends to the evaluation, repair and rehabilitation of all types of aging infrastructure.

From our vast exposure to concrete deterioration and previously unsuccessful repairs, BPT Group experts are able to customize evaluation and repair programs to provide the most responsive, cost-effective solutions. With a wide range of performance deficiencies and client needs, each of our repair projects is unique.

BPT Group has in-depth knowledge of current and historic construction materials for historic restoration projects. We can investigate how the structure was originally designed and built, review repairs made over the life of the structure, analyze/design replacements to simulate obsolete construction materials, and develop repairs to restore the structure.

BPT Group offers the most sophisticated suite of engineering, testing and consulting services to address concrete performance, durability and life-cycle serviceability with the most progressive repair and restoration techniques available in the construction industry today.

Repair Of Buildings

The repairs are performed on damaged buildings to restore the strength after disaster

The repair services includes
Reconstruction of non-structural walls , chimneys , boundary walls etc…
Checking and repairing electrical connections, plumbing , ventilation etc…
Repairing of cracks


The restoration is performed to get back the strength of existing building to the original strength.
The restoration enables to get atleast the original strength of piers, Columns, beams and walls

The following are the actions involved in restoration
By grouting
Strengthening using wire mesh
Rebuilding the cracked portions using rich non-shrinkable mortar after removal of cracked portion.


Assessing the existing condition of the structure and deciding which component of the structure should be repaired or restored based on all the future requirements of structure
The retrofit enables to increase the original strength of the building.

The actions of Retrofitting includes
Addition of shear wall of diagonal braces
Modification of roofs
Strengthening of foundation
Modification of building plan etc…