Specialized Repairs & rehabilitation of concrete structures

Concrete may suffer distress or damage for a variety of reasons during its life cycle. When concrete is produced at varied locations, the quality can suffer either during production or during service conditions, resulting in distress. Such as:

  • Structural deficiency resulting from errors in design, loading criteria, unexpected overloading, etc.
  •  Structural deficiency due to construction defects.
  • Damage due to fire, floods, earthquakes, cyclones etc.
  • Damage due to chemical attack.
  • Damage due to marine environments.
  • Damage due to abrasion of granular materials.
  • Movement of concrete due to physical characteristics

We at BPT have years of experience to tackle all kinds of situations mentioned here and restore the building back to it’s original state.


Repair of buildings

The repairs are performed on damaged buildings to restore the original structure after any disaster, be it natural or acquired.

The repair services include:

  • Reconstruction of non-structural walls, chimneys, boundary walls, or any other exterior structures
  • Checking and repairing electrical connections, plumbing, ventilation etc
  • Repairing of cracks

Restoration of buildings

The restoration is performed to retrieve the strength of existing building to what its original strength was. By the restoration method, the structure is enabled to return to the original strength of its piers, Columns, beams and walls.

The following are the actions involved in restoration:

  • By grouting
  • Strengthening using wire mesh
  • Rebuilding the cracked portions using rich non-shrinkable mortar after removal of cracked portion

Retrofitting of buildings

Assessing the existing condition of the structure and deciding which component of the structure should be repaired or restored based on all the future requirements of structure. The retrofit enables to increase the original strength of the building.

The actions of Retrofitting include:

  • Addition of shear wall of diagonal braces
  • Modification of roofs
  • Strengthening of foundation
  • Modification of building plan etc

Why BPT for Repairs & rehabilitation of concrete structures?

Expertise and experience

Our professionals have more than 10 years of experience in this field.

10 Years Gaurantee

Whatever building our waterproofing team touches it stays free of waterleakage for years to come.

Latest technology

We use latest technology to detect and fix the defects in a more precise manner.

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