Waterproofing of concrete structures

Waterproofing for concrete surfaces is primarily done to keep moisture from intruding into the facility. However, it is also required to protect the structural contents from water infiltration that can cause structural damage to the concrete or corrosion to the imbedded steel. Concrete is by design a porous material, and water can pass through it by hydrostatic pressure, water vapor gradient or capillary action. Water can also enter at cracks, structural defects or at improperly designed or installed joints. Waterproofing is also required to eliminate deterioration to the concrete that can occur from exterior and interior chemicals that are present at the building site.

Complete Waterproofing Solution
Complete Waterproofing Solution


Protection against water ingress which is dependent on a separate barrier system applied to the structure.


Protection against water ingress which is provided by the structure itself by Crystallization technology.


Protection against water ingress into usable spaces which is provided by the incorporation of an appropriate internal water management system.

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Waterproofing Substructure with crystalline & membrane technology

Cracks on the foundation walls, movement of liquid mositure, ground water pressure, and many other issues are faced by buildings who dont waterproof their building.

Crystalline Technology waterproofs and improves the durability of concrete structures by filling and plugging the pores, capillaries and micro-cracks with a non-soluble, highly resistant crystalline formation. … The end product of this reaction is a non-soluble crystalline formation.

We design for optimizing utilization of right product for right part of the building. We believe it is essential that the quality of work matches the professional service that we provide with 100% perfection.

Water proofing superstructure with innovative modern technologies

In the beginning, most people thought that the objective of super structure waterproofing was to prevent rain water from falling on their head. As people started using delicate and costly materials, housing equipment, systems, etc. inside buildings, thus ensuring of watertightness of building type structures became important. It is seen that the prevention of the ingress of water into buildings is necessary for reasons more important than the prevention of an inconvenience or an architectural nuisance; and hence so also for facilitating the proper utilization of the space inside. In the conventional scheme of making buildings waterproof, doors have door leaves, windows have shutters and roofs are made water-tight through specific waterproofing treatments or arrangements.

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