EV Charging System

Urban transportation habits are changing, transition is now happening to the EVs(Electric Vehicles) especially in metro cities for commuting around the city. Its lower emission rate and low noise makes it the best choice for many, hence to boost the transition to more of cleaner transport solution, BPT offers to set up a charging station in your residential, work area and even in petrol pumps. You can count on BPT to offer the right solutions for today’s changing transportation landscape.

BPT specializes in working in the direction which reduces the load on the nature. We provide optimum energy & construction solutions, it plays a major role in promoting the electric vehicles. We provide complete turnkey solutions and the customer can just stay tension free about the project.

Why BPT for EV Charging System?

Clean Energy

Contribution to Cleaner & Healthy Earth, the Air Qualilty Index of the City improves.


Trained Engineers and Technicians with Core Industry Experience.

complete turnkey solution

Stay Tension free and leave all the work to us, you just have to be present on the Inauguration Day!

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