Industrial floorings

The function of an industrial floor is to provide trouble-free movement of manpower, machinery, materials and material-handling equipment. Other than the stated obvious functions, floors are often called upon to provide:

  • Hygienic/anti-bacterial (Seamless, joint-less)
  • Highly cleanable (cold water, hot-water, steam, disinfectants etc)
  • Wear (abrasion) resistant.
  • Chemical Resistant. (acids, alkalies, solvents)
  • Resistance from Impact and Static Loading.
  • Ease of Maintenance.
  • Anti-slip/anti-stain properties
  • Flammability and Fire Safety.
  • Scratch/scuff resistance

Typically epoxy / Pu floorings are laid from 1mm to 5mm thickness. Special floorings can be laid from 6mm to 9mm as well (such as cold storage). These floorings are executed by specialized applicators who are trained in handling these materials. The base floor being concrete, it is necessary to take care in surface preparation, joint treatment, application procedure etc.


  • Excellent aesthetic dust-proof flooring solution.
  • Long-life, if properly maintained
  • Gloss that increases work ambience
  • Resistance to penetration of oil, grease etc
  • High abrasion and impact resistance
  • Seamless, jointless flooring that can resist variety of chemicals
  • Ant-bacterial, anti-fungal hygiene protection
  • ESD floor solutions are available for specific areas

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