XPS Thermal Boards

Extruded polystyrene (XPS) is one of the most efficient thermal insulation materials, which is widely used in the construction of foundations, basements, floors, walls, roofs, pipelines, roads and railways. BPT uses a technologically advance extruded polystyrene slabs with nanoscale carbon particles. That allowed significantly increasing the thermal efficiency of the material and its’ strength characteristics while decreasing the coefficient of water absorption to the minimum.

Maintaining proper thermal regulation is essential to assuring an ideal indoor environment as well as helping to maintain the structural integrity of the building and indoor materials. Extruded polystyrene rigid insulation offers a multitude of benefits and possibilities that can be incorporated into a range of construction projects. BPT offers several types of extruded polystyrene rigid insulation, or XPS, to provide the insulation you need to ensure that your project is built right the first time.

Types of XPS

  • ECO is used for insulation of roofs, basements and floors. It comes in thicknesses ranging from 10 to 100 mm and can withstand over 200 kPa of compressive force with 10% of deformation. The material is commonly used in low-rise construction.
  • ECO FACADE is specifically milled to be used for plaster facades and plinths, with grooves that ensure adherence of plaster for maximum durability. It has similar dimensional and compressive properties as ECO. Given its high strength properties, it helps to maintain the integrity and impact resistance of plaster facades.
  • PROF 300 offers even greater compressive strength, providing resistance of at least 300 kPa. This material is used in basements, floors and roofs similar to the ECO and comes in thicker dimensions of up to 200 mm, allowing it to be used in more complicated applications such as highways, railways and other large commercial projects.
  • SOLID 500 offers the greatest compressive strength of a minimum of 500 kPa, allowing it to be used in large-scale commercial buildings with increased requirements and special infrastructure projects such as runways, bridges and tunnels.

    All slabs of extruded polystyrene can come with flat or L-shaped edges as per the project requirements.

Why BPT for XPS Thermal Boards?

Total Protection

Greater & consistent thermal resistance throughout the material while reducing the likelihood of water absorption.

Incredible Strength

Our XPS is lightweight and provides incredible compression & bending strength, perfect for terraces, operated roofs, foundations & roadways.

Safe & Cost Effective

Environmentally safe, less insulation is needed to create greater thermal insulation, our XPS does not rot or decompose.

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