Prefabricated modular housing systems

Prefabrication has brought a substantial change in the development of construction industry worldwide over the last few decades. It ensures the strength, economy and environmental performance of the structures and hence is preferred over the onsite construction. Pre-assembly, prefabrication, modularisation, system buildings and industrialised buildings are the various terms used to describe the processes of manufacturing of modular units on-site or off-site. There are various types of modular precast building construction techniques prevalent worldwide.

  • Prefabrication Technology has various advantages like:
  • The requirement for formwork, shuttering and scaffolding is significantly reduced as Self-supporting ready-made components are used.
  • Construction time is reduced thus resulting in lower labour costs.
  • Reduced amount of waste materials than in site built construction.
  • Reduction in Construction time allowing an earlier return of the principal invested.
  • Building ensures accurate conformity to building standards and superior quality assurance.
  • High-energy efficiency along with quality control and factory sealing.
  • Independent of climatic condition.
  • In off-site construction safety and comfort level of worker are higher.

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GFRG stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum panels. The panels are manufactured in sizes of 12 m long,3m height and 124 mm (5 inch) thick thus providing more carpet area. The hollow cavities inside the panel is filled with concrete to provide more strength to the panel. Below is an image showing GFRG panel and its internal structure.

RBL PREFAB GYPWALL is a revolutionary load bearing pre fabricated walling system with broad construction application .Glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG ) wall a new composite wall product is made of gypsum plaster reinforced with glass fiber. The glass fibers are random distributed inside the panal skin and ribs in the manufacturing process . Panels are hollow and manufactured in 124 mm thick by 12 metre length and 3 metre width and are cut in the sophisticated wall cutting plant to suit the customers requirement . The wall panels can be reinforced with concrete during construction as per requirement of the structure.


These structures are all customized as per the clients requirement and can be used for various purposes such as a Hotels & Resorts, Luxurious Houses, Farm Houses, Site & Sales Offices, Commercial Buildings etc.

The detailed catalogue of our prefab structures will give you the in-depth details of the technicalities and other information related to our prefab structures.


Our team of professionals can guide you on which is best suited based on your requirements and location of the site and offer you the best solution. Visit our Contact page and allow us to help you choose the best for you!

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