Waterproofing Substructure with crystalline technology

Crystalline Technology

Cracks on the foundation walls, movement of liquid moisture, ground water pressure, and many other issues are faced by buildings who don’t waterproof their building.

Crystalline Technology waterproofs and improves the durability of concrete structures by filling and plugging the pores, capillaries and micro-cracks with a non-soluble, highly resistant crystalline formation. … The end product of this reaction is a non-soluble crystalline formation.

We design for optimizing utilization of right product for right part of the building. We believe it is essential that the quality of work matches the professional service that we provide with 100% perfection.

WHY Substructures to be waterproofed?

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Why BPT for Substructure crystalline technology?

Crystalline chemical

Crystalline chemical

Crystalline chemical is easy to apply and is highly effective prevention of water flowing through the walls

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Dual-Side Protection

It will form a sheet of waterproofing which neither allows water to get in or get out.


It allows the concrete to breath

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